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Poster: airgarcia416 Date: Aug 8, 2007 6:33am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Barry Bonds (non Dead)

Barry Bonds is defintely a bit of a douche. People want to claim him to be the greatest because we all want to touch greatness, to have been there when the best in their sports played. Micheal Jordan for instance, has been crowned the greatest basketball player of all time. There is a strong case for that too, but his accomplishments came in a watered down NBA (expansion of teams defintely impacted the depth of talent NBA teams had during his tenure) and at time of such high media exposure (ESPN). Players like Oscar Robertson, Magic, Larry and Wilt were every bit as good as he was and possibly even more so but they lacked the same landscape that he did.

As for steriods and Barry. We all do things to enhance ourselves, be it dropping tabs to touch the music at a Dead show or 3 cups of coffee before work to make sure we are crisp for the day. I played collegiate atheltics (football) at a scholarship level and did a few cylces of steriods (I was part of the majority on this, not the minority). The pressure to compete, to keep your scholarship (they are renewable on a yearly basis, btw) was immense. I would guess that he probaly wasn't sure what they (Balco) was giving him, but knew that whatever it was was helping and enhancing other players so he went along with it.

Every sport we enjoy today, and I do mean every one has it's methods of getting ahead that flaunt the rules. If it's high altitude training for runners (a legal way of blood doping) or golfers (roids are prevelant there too). Now increase the stakes ($$$) and you have easy rationalizations as to why it makes sense. An elite atheltes mind frame,from youth forward; always pushes them to these extremes.

I am not trying to potray Bonds as a tragic hero of any sort, it's just that I can understand the why's.

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Poster: clashcity Date: Aug 8, 2007 7:19am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Barry Bonds (non Dead)

Well said AirGarcia.

And as you pointed out about the media with NBA... The media has also helped along the notion of Bonds as Villain because he as never being a media darling. Heck, he just isn't that nice of a guy. And as anyone who has followed sports knows the sports writers and other media can be quite vindictive, even vengeful, to those who don't give them the good story.

Bonds being a jerk doesn't make him any less of a great ball player. Considering all the other crooks, racists and cheaters that reside in the Hall of Fame I think we can afford to lay off Barry a little bit...